Blackhawk Hydraulics


A breakthrough technology that drastically speeds up turnaround maintenance on your critical equipment, BlackHawk™ Hydraulic Nuts are installed on applications throughout the energy industry, such as Reactor Vessels and Heat Exchangers. Breakout your large, high pressure flanges in less than two hours with half the manpower, and predictably shorten the critical path schedule for the total turnaround project. BlackHawk Hydraulics Nuts help you achieve Certainty of Outcome by eliminating unnecessary delays caused by thread galling and substantially improving bolt load accuracy for a leak-free outcome on time, every time.

Ideal for flanges that require 100% tensioning, have small spacing between bolts, or have short stud length above the nut, Blackhawk Hydraulic Nuts almost have more advantages than we have room to list here.

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They will save you time and money by eliminating galling and reducing task time, downtime, and labor costs. They will increase worker safety by reducing exposure, eliminating pinch points, and eliminating nut splitting, machining, and hot bolting.

With 100% simultaneously loading, they offer the most accurate load and ideal gasket stress, eliminating leaks on your most important flanges. Proven in the industry, Blackhawk Hydraulic Nuts have been utilized by the largest nuclear plant in North America, the largest chemical company in North America, and private space exploration companies. Find out how Blackhawk Hydraulic Nuts can be customized to fit your unique applications today.

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