User Provisioning Software to Help Manage Employee Time


Given the standard work day and all of the multi-tasking that is required of most professionals today, the number of meetings that are held online or by conference call is skyrocketing. Along these lines, roughly seven of ten employees admit to multi-tasking while they are in their meetings. Considering the amount of employee time that is spent in meetings, almost 40% as recorded by the National Statistics Council, on a daily basis there is a great need to handle other tasks while listening to those meetings.

User Provisioning Software to Help Manage Employee Time

A high number of reports show that employee time is unorganized, or at least with the schedules provided to employees, there is a limit to the organization available. With all of the meetings they are expected to attend, roughly 11 million in U.S. workplaces annually, user provisioning software has the potential to help with time management. This includes employee time and additional employee or team collaboration, especially when more interaction or focus is needed in online meetings and conference calls. Multi-tasking is still possible but time can be better tracked and managing with programs like Cisco Webex and Cisco Webex meeting.

Software Solutions for Time Management

So many solutions are needed today to help manage the time of employees who are spread so far between different daily tasks on a regular basis. When all employees are asked to attend meetings, but also manage their tasks or supervise others, there is much to be said for the provisioning tools and software solutions that can provide tools such as time tracking, scheduling, web meetings, chatbot communications, or chatbots for your site. All of this offers a certain amount of automation to at least the management of certain portions of the employee day.

Increase Workday Productivity with User Provisioning Software

Given studies that have been done on the amount of time that needs to remain spent inside a meeting, it equates to 100%. As little as five or six minutes spent away from a conference is the same as about an hour of lost productivity for the team as a whole. While web or online meetings, collaborated with UC management and provisioning software, can help increase the time in meetings. They can also help improve the productivity of team members who can continue with productive multi-tasking while taking part in a meeting.

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