6 Benefits of Branded Clothing for your Business or Organization


T-shirts have always been a popular choice among the younger and older crowd. In fact the apparel market was worth over $300 billion in 2016 and despite their expectation to grow by more than half a billion dollars by 2025 organic cotton still rakes in $5,000,000,000 each year. Cotton is also one of the most popular materials used for t-shirts. Considering t-shirts for your organization or your group of employees, but still stuck on the fence? Consider these pointers to help convince you that it is the right choice.


T-shirts are comfortable making them extremely popular for people to wear. This means that choosing t-shirts over polo shirts is a better choice and the people within your organization will most likely enjoy them more. Choosing a variety of colors will help to go further with encouraging most employees to be excited about a business shirt.


If you choose a simpler design then it will be easier to get creative with your business shirts. Depending on how the design is applied, either with a heat transfer process or even a manual heat press, the design can be altered slightly to provide variety. Different types of specialty heat presses can easily handle variations in a design, allowing your company logo and designs to differ so that more employees will like them.


There is no doubt that a t-shirt provides free advertising, but when you have your company logo applied by heat transfer to a number of shirts that increases the free advertising significantly. Different people could wear the shirts each day which could essentially provide free promotion of your business every day of the week with little work on your part.


There is something about letting employees know that they are part of a team. It can inspire them to work even harder and accomplish more because they know that they are part of something important. When you bring people together with heat transfer logo shirts you are telling them that they are an important part of the bigger picture. You let them know that their part they play is important and that the team wouldn’t be complete without them.

Long Lasting

When you decide to apply your company logo to a t-shirt via heat transfer you are ensuring that your logo will remain on that shirt for an extended period of time. There are few others ways of advertising which can accomplish that. Once you design a t-shirt and apply your logo with heat transfer, the logo remains on the shirt for a while. Newspaper advertising and billboards do not offer the same longevity as advertising on t-shirts does. This makes them not only a viable option, but a cost friendly one as well.


T-shirt advertising makes advertising even more affordable, meaning more and more businesses can take advantage of it, no matter how big they are. Larger corporations can
help set themselves apart with heat transfer logo shirts, and smaller beginning businesses are also able to take part in the t-shirt advertising realm. This helps level out the playing field allowing almost anyone to take part in it. The only thing missing is the creativity used to create a logo.

It’s easy to see that t-shirts are popular and their popularity isn’t decreasing. Choosing t-shirts for your business or organization is a smart choice that allows you to show your employees that you care while making them feel like they are part of something important. Choose your design wisely, or even have employees come up with a design. Make it a competition to see which design wins the most. When you get employees involved with the planning, it makes wearing the shirts more fun.

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