What You Need to Know About Minecraft Server Hosting


Minecraft is one of the most popular video games of all time. There are plenty of public servers that you can join with your friends and other people. But what if you want to play on a private server so that you and your friends can have a world to yourself? There are a few ways to go about Minecraft server hosting. If you’re running the Microsoft version of Minecraft then you can set up a world right within the client.

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If you’re running on Java edition, then you can pay a monthly fee to access the Realms feature, or pay a third-party service to host a server for you. Another option is to host the server yourself if your computer is powerful enough.

If you are interested in Minecraft server hosting on your own PC, then this video is for you. It will walk you through every step, from downloading the necessary jar file to adding the server to your game client. Setting this up will create a server that is being hosted on your own computer, and with a few extra steps your friends will be able to join you. And if you find you would prefer to use a professional service, there are many server companies for you to choose from.


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