Using a Hose Clamp Correctly


In this video, you will learn about using hose clamps for emergencies. The video discusses what kind of hose clamps to use.

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The video also discusses how you know when you need to use one. Hose clamps can be easy to use, but sometimes you shouldn’t use them where engines fluctuate in temperature. You may experience leaks because the hose clamp can’t withstand the temperature. Special hose clamps are designed to withstand high temperatures. The engine department in a vehicle has special clamps that are used for high heat. Older hose clamps are not designed to withstand high heats. You can tighten and retighted old hose clamps, but won’t be able to withstand these temperatures. A common cause of leakage is from a hose clamp that isn’t working properly. You can use water pump pliers to install the clamp in a really tight place. You can slide it over the hose, and it can experience all types of temperatures. You want to have a leak free connection. Nothing happens to the hose clamp even going from ice cold to red hot. If you have a leak in your vehicle, it would be worth checking out if the clamps are okay.

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