Everything You Need to Know About Custom Apparel


These days, nearly everyone can have everything they can think of made to order. It may not always be the cheapest form of production, sometimes having a product that is unique to the company or the individual is worth every penny. By using a heat transfer press, shirt designers can provide just that.

The United States apparel market is expected to grow to an estimated value of $385 billion by the year of 2025. If that is not a good incentive to invest, then what is? Really though, there are plenty of reasons that using a heat transfer press can be really beneficial to your company. If you are not looking to produce and sell apparel, you can at least purchase the high quality designs for you employees, helping to boost company morale. Studies have shown that owning similar clothes can help boost an employee’s sense of community. As many know, an increased sense of community leads to increased production. This increased production clearly leads to higher amounts of profit for the company. Not to mention the happier workers, it is a good deal all around.

If selling clothing or apparel is more your style, then heat transfer presses are surely the way to go about achieving your aspirations. Although it is not always the cheapest way to produce your designs, the quality of the work never fails to shine through. Better to be known for your hard work and high quality than to be called out for cutting all the corners. As of August 2017, women’s apparel and clothing items were the number one top-selling item across all of the internet. The market is there, you just have to be willing to put in the work for yourself and your brand. Whether your specialty is in creating your own designs, or printing other people’s designs for them, specialty heat press transfer machines are the way to go about it. Why settle for anything less than quality when you don’t have to? Heat transfer presses help upcoming and well-established companies alike in avoiding just that. The price is well matched to the service, and there will be no regretting it when every customer comes back satisfied.

The last thing to keep in mind when starting to make use of a heat transfer press for clothing is understanding the proper upkeep of the system. All one really needs to to to keep the press in working order is to lubricate the joints and pins of the heat press once a month with a high-temperature, non-melting grease. It is also important to not that if your machinery requires replacement parts it is best to take care of that as soon as possible. The longer you wait to fix issues of this kind, the harder and more expensive it is to fix in the long run. After one knows all of this, running and maintaining your heat press should be no problem.

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