The Benefits Of Custom Built Tanks For Water And Oil Industries


Water treatment system

The storage and transportation of everyday goods is a sector that gets overlooked. Despite this, its importance hasn’t been diminished in the least. With the United States ever the industrialized country many around the globe rely on for basic goods, staying privy to all the ways you can better take care of gasoline, petroleum and water-based products will ensure your company’s survival in shifting times. Fire protection water storage tank sizing, above ground tanks and bolted tank design are all terms you should be very familiar with going forward. For those that still struggle with gaps in their knowledge, continue reading below to become reacquainted with the art of storage.

The planet is covered predominantly with water. Despite this, the vast majority is rendered undrinkable. This makes the transportation of fresh, clean water incredibly important for billions of people across the world. Water is susceptible to all sorts of contaminants and diseases. In fact, it’s estimated that less clean water can be home to hundreds of different types of bacteria. This is nothing to say of additional minerals that can cause long-term illnesses. This is one of many reasons why above ground cistern tanks and custom made storage tanks are needed.

Safely storing water for long periods of time means a tank that can hold up to outside pressure, temperature changes and the omnipresent threat of harmful rust build-up. Fire protection water storage tank sizing, in particular, can withstand some of the most extreme temperatures around. While nearly 70% of the water in the Marcellus Shale gas country is considered recycled, for example, there is still remaining wastewater that needs to be properly disposed of. This is exactly where strong and durable tank models come into play.

Water is not the only product that is stored, protected and transported. When it comes to oil and gas companies alike, North American exploration and production companies spend a quarter more than the competitors on a constant basis. Large companies may even see a boost on drilling spending by 60% or more over the coming year. What does this mean for custom made tanks and how can you ensure that your workers’ labor isn’t accidentally laid to waste in an accident or mishandling?

Americans consume a large amount of gas and petroleum products on a regular basis. By the time 2015 arrived Americans collectively used over seven billion barrels of petroleum products. This same year also saw an average of 19 million barrels of petroleum used every single day. This incredibly useful and highly volatile element needs to be handled with the utmost care. Failure to meet this standard means indirectly poisoning water supplies or depriving entire communities of the tools they need to function.

From tough fire protection water storage tank sizing to custom models designed for your brand’s unique approach, your tank is the barrier between sudden accidents and the unpredictability of the industry.

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