Gone Are The Days Of A Landline Telephone


Make free calls from computer to mobile

Making phone calls from a computer to a telephone is a new, easy, and growing in popularity way to make phone calls.

To make free calls from computer to mobile phones you will have to download free software for computer. This software allows you to make a free call from computer.

Free call from computer software programs work in different ways but accomplish the same task.

One free calls from computer program allows you to make free call computer to mobile, computer to phone calls, and computer to computer calls. You can only make calls to phone numbers in the United States or Canada. Call time is limited to three hours but the same number can receive a free call repeatedly.

Other software programs are available where free call computer to mobile calls are only five minutes long.

Another program allows free calls to the United States, Canada, Europe, Hong Kong, and Australia. These free call computer to mobile may be limited by number per week rather than minutes per call.

Then there are other programs where the free calls on computer are completely free with no time limit or restrictions, but have many ads within the application.

Placing a call from a computer to a phone allows those without a phone to make calls.

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